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The Hawaii Island Palm Society The Hawaii Island Palm Society, (HIPS), is a great group of people who simply love palms and who strive to promote their use in private gardens and the general landscape. Our goal is to perpetuate rare and endangered palms worldwide, through the sharing of seeds and plants. Our organization is affiliated with the International Palm Society and is dedicated to community outreach and education. Among other community services, HIPS volunteers plan, plant, and help maintain the outstanding palm collection at the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens in Hilo. Members enjoy private garden tours, lectures, electronic newsletter, an annual banquet and palm auction, use of an extensive reference library, and discount pricing with BEI Agricultural Products in Hilo. New members are eligible for open garden days, a chance to meet with established HIPS members in their gardens
Fous de Palmiers The palm society in France. Official website of French association
The Southeastern Palm Society The Southeastern Palm Society is a friendly and respected source of advice on how to grow hardy palms, cycads, citrus and many other subtropical plants in the southeastern United States north of Florida. SPS meetings are held quarterly at notable public and private gardens. Our get-togethers are informal, with opportunities to share our common experiences. Depending on the season, meetings feature an expert speaker, plant auction or plant sale. Members and non-members alike are welcome to attend.
Central Florida Palm & Cycad Society The Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society (CFPACS) is affiliated with the International Palm Society, The Cycad Society and the Palm and Cycad Societies of Florida. We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose goals are to be in operation solely and exclusively for scientific and educational purposes related to the study of palms and cycads, their propagation, culture, conservation, care, and development.
The Tropical Garden Society of Sydney The Tropical Garden Society of Sydney has the goal of fostering interest in growing tropical plants in a subtropical climate. It aims to educate and share information through expert presentations. It also provides access to plants that are not readily available in Sydney. Regular meetings are held in a central location and have a friendly, informal and non-competitive atmosphere. New members are very welcome.
Palm Talk International Palm Tree Forums
Francophone Palmophile Society Society for French speakers devoted to the study and promotion of all aspects of palms
Royal Horticultural Society Page on Hardy Palms Advice on growing palms and information on selected species
Palm Society of Southern California Great website with information on many palms being grown in Southern California
Pacific Northwest Palm & Exotic Plant Society Interested in learning about growing palms and exotics in cool climates? This club focuses on cultivating exotics outdoors in USDA zone 6-8 gardens.
Palm and Cycad Society of Western Australia Website of PACSOA featuring articles, events, monthly newsletter, for sales, Gascoyne Park Botanical Garden, Members Area and discussion forum.
International Palm Society The IPS site is the long-established 'Mecca' site for palm enthusiasts and growers. It is similar to the European Palm Society site in that it offers valuable information about palm species, where to buy them, botanical details, books info, an image gallery and message board. Also like the EPS you can actually join the society online. There is a brief overview about the IPS and its aims and objectives along with information about meetings and its own journal 'PALMS' (formerly 'Principes'). Back issues can be ordered online and also available is a guestbook, the chance to subscribe to the palm society list and much more.
Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia Link to one of the most comprehensive online references for palms and cycads... well worth a look.
Palm Society Of Northern California Chapter IPS chapter with members who have a Mediterranean climate
South West Europe Chapter of the IPS Excellent site on growing exotics in a Mediterranean climate, hosted from Spain
Cycad Society of South Africa Super site for all cycad fans!
The Cycad Society USA based but worldwide focus on Cycads of all kinds founded in 1977
Palm Society of South Texas Chapter of the IPS devoted to growing palms in the South Texas climate
New Zealand Palm Society Facebook page Information on palms for cooler climates

Palm and exotic plant resources

Title Description
Missouri Botanical Garden-Trachycarpus Trachycarpus information from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
Springer Link Iconic but Invasive: The Public Perception of the Chinese Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) in Switzerland
Global Invasive Species Datebase - Trachycarpus Data-base of invasive species of which trachycarpus appears to be regarded as one.
Plant Delights Colocasia cultivation and varieties page Plant Delights Nurseries excellent page on Colocasia growing
Palm map of more unusual specimen palms in UK Palm map of less common specimen palm species found in UK especially London
Kentia palm Chronicles Fascinating history of the Kentia palm with blog from Kevin Williams author of the book 'from seed to elegance'. A valuable wealth of information and historical photos
Flowers Across Melbourne Blog Flowers Across Melbourne scoured the globe to find the weirdest flowers in the world so take a seat, grab a drink and get ready to check out 40 flowers that are stranger than fiction. Unfortunately none of these are currently available for flower delivery in Sydney (or Melbourne).
TROPICAL PLANT DATABASE Did you know that two thirds of the Earth's plant species are found in tropical rainforests? These plants are not only attractive due to their luscious green foliage and exotic look, but they're also used in many areas of production, including fruit, coffee, cocoa, rubber, dyes, rice, wood, and gums. Also, many medicines we use are derived from tropical plants.
The Best Gardening Databases on the Net There are 1000's of gardening and plant based glossaries and databases on the web. Some that are high quality and very useful, others that are not. Unfortunately it is a bit of a needle in a haystack to find the very best. That's why we created this page where you will find a handful of the most useful glossaries and databases available.
The Florida Woods Cockroach: Tips and Solutions While "Palmetto Bug" refers loosely to certain other roaches too (like the American cockroach and Oriental cockroach), the Florida woods cockroach is the original Palmetto Bug, named for its common habitation inside the protective fans of saw palmetto palms.
Phoenix theophrasti var. Epidaurus An Article on the Cold Palms Web-site written by Troy Doedens : Where botany meets history; Conservation of the remnants of the ancient palm forest (Phoenix theophrasti var. Epidaurus) at Palea Epidavros, Greece
Butia: What we think we know about the genus Comprehensive article on Butia Palms written by Larry Noblick
Wollemi Pine The mission of Wollemi Australia Pty Ltd is to distribute the Wollemi Pine worldwide ensuring the longevity of the plant for future generations and returning royalties to fund conservation of the Wollemi Pine in the wild and assist other threatened a
Plantapalm virtual palm encyclopaedia Perhaps the most comprehansive online resource for palms you will find, pictures of almost any palm you can think of plus hardiness ratings and a whole host of other vital information.
Martius, Book of Palms This famous work is an unrivaled landmark in botanic palm illustration and taxonomy
Kew Onscience Plants of the World Online eMonocot is linking together monocot taxonomists by providing support and tools to enable communities to manage their taxonomic data online and in doing so contribute to eMonocot. All of the information is brought together in this site, the eMonocot portal. The information presented here will be especially useful for anyone studying the ecology or evolution of the monocot plants, or who wants to understand monocot biodiversity and conservation.
La Palmeraie gb Everything about exotic plants in Northern Europe! This website has been compiled by EPS member Niek and is a very comprehensive and includes :- Buying & planting, Culture, Troubles, Winter protection, Sowing – cuttings – multiplication, Manuals and Palm species. Rxotics included are :- Cycad species, Banana species, Bamboo, Exotic plants and General information. This weblog shares experiences gained through biology studies over 15 years and the exchange of knowledge with other hobbyists. The collection can be viewed in detail under each page as well as all the publications.
Cycad Jungle Loads of information on cycads
Peters Arboriculture Peter Sterken has published several non-commercial scientific methods for the safety assessment of trees and palms. His passions are palms, arboriculture, science and the truth. He does not represent any commercial tree assessment method or device, thanks to which his teachings are totally unbiased.
A Tour of Palms in Corpus Christi, Texas A recent drive around Corpus Christi in search of different palms.
Exotic plants in Aquitaine The regions bordering the tropics are conducive to trade. Thus the flora of these regions presents genres of tropical origin but showing adaptation to less favourable conditions.
Palms & other exotic plants for Scandinavia Yes, it is really possible to grow palms outdoors to some extent in the milder parts of Scandinavia. There are indeed palm trees that are growing outdoors in a few places in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Dirk Löhmann : German Web-site Information and pictures of trachycarpus princeps plus other palms and exotics.
Exotiques & Rustiques Exotiques & Rustiques is a website about the acclimatisation and cultivation of rare and exotic plants in temperate climates.
National collection of Chamaerops humilis Chamaerops humilis is a European palm,Present in a large part of the western Mediterranean basin. It would therefore make sense for a collection to be set up in Europe.
Paysandisia archon It is time to arrange and disseminate information on this pest of palms, in order to eradicate it from France and Europe. Here is a dossier, to know more about this butterfly, on the symptoms to detect the contamination of palm trees and the possible solutions at the moment ...
BG-Map Hardy Palm Page Like many people who live in cold winter climates, I am fascinated by palms. A palm tree is, of course, synonymous with the tropics. Can you think of any movie set in a tropical or subtropical locale that doesn't open with a shot showing palm trees? I, like many northern gardeners long for palms. I want to have a palm growing in my garden, not because it will make the winters feel any warmer, but because it provides a link to that warmer world. I'd like to look at those shots of palms on TV and think, "Sure, I've got one of those!". There is no substitute for a palm. Only a palm looks like a palm. You can't simulate it with a plant the looks "sort of like a pa
Hardiest Palms If you've ever longed for a home in the tropics but just couldn't make it happen, perhaps you should try converting your current landscape into that tropical paradise. With a little effort you might just be able to grow a few palms of your very own. Some palms are actually quite cold-hardy and routinely endure sub-freezing temperatures.
Ti-Palm Association of Antillean and Guyanese Amateurs of Palms
Palm Trees at Reedy Branch Gary Hollar became fascinated with palms as a child when his parents took him to Florida in the 1950's. He has been growing palms in the central coastal plain of NC since the 1970's. Many of the palms are planted along Reedy Branch, which is the Craven and Jones County border.
Polar Palms of Bulgaria Now everyone can learn how different Bulgarian palms are to those imported from outside. What is the difference in cold resistance of them all? You will learn details about the climate of Bulgaria to decide whether palms can grow in your garden.
Care For Palms Care for palms (including pot) in detail
Palmtrees From the dream to create a palm tree garden
Palms in Hungary The History, Climate, Microclimates, Favorable Regions, Species and Winter Protection of Palms in Hungary
Palm King A story of a determined palm enthusiast and his effort to move "the big one!"
Ornamental palm trees A site created to find a maximum of species at the lowest possible price.
Palm Trees General information about the palm
Growing Hardy Palms The main factors affecting hardiness seem to be the minimum winter temperature, the number of hours of cold every winter, the amount of heat every summer, and the relative wetness or dryness of the climate. Most palms are not particularly hardy. Many are actually injured by a single freezing night. Others can withstand zero degrees F for short periods without damage.
Garden in Brittany Welcome to Brittany, on the personal website of a simple amateur of Palmiers. I am, like most of you, an individual, so my site has no claim other than that of promoting the cultivation of these wonderful "trees".
THE AGAVACEAE DATABASE Since mid 1997 we are on the road to document species of the Agavaceae plant family at their natural locality. This website shows a part of our volunteer work for the public Enjoy reading and studying it!
Palmen in der Schweiz Seite über Freilandpalmen in der Schweiz. Website in German.
National Gardening Association Plant Care Guides have chosen the most popular plants and provided the essential information you need for choosing, planting, and maintaining them. Plant care guides
Plantsman : Trachys In The Wild & In Cultivation Martin Gibbons and Toby Spanner have seen the majority of species in the wild, giving them a privileged insight into how to grow these palms
Arena Flowers Flower Care Tips
Growing PALMS & CYCADS outside in the UK Information on growing palms and cycads outside in the UK. See also The Garden AT Southern Comfort : listed under gardens.
BBC Gardening Home Page Archived BBC Gardening Home page with links to useful information, including plant finder pests and deceases etc.
Yucca Species A yucca spreadsheet with pictures and other information.
Mediterranean & Sub-tropical Gardening Site Site in German hosted by one of our members with lots of information on exotic plant gardening
Exotica Zahrada, Cold Tolerant Exotics Josef Bucko’s Czech site with information on cold tolerant palms, Agave and Yucca. Also features unusual Cycads and plant sales
Sun palms - USA based site Lots of useful information on cold hardy palms and growing them in colder climates
Palmeras en la Ciudad de Resistencia The idea of this website is to identify and describe species of Palms that are in the public spaces of the city of Resistance, which is the capital of the province of Chaco, Argentina.
Edwin Wagelaar’s Palmexotica Website Great resource on exotic plants (in Dutch) for information on many plants many growing outdoors at Edwin’s garden in The Netherlands
Bulgarian Site on Growing Palms & Sub-tropicals Member Kiril Donov's site, in Bulgarian, (with English version) full of information on palms & subtropicals in Bulgaria & Europe
The Absolute Astronomy Website The site gives some very useful date palm information.
TI Palms - Association of Amateur Palm Growers Website in French with information on palms growing in Guyana & Antilles the French West Indies
Polar Palm Palace USA based site dedicated to growing palms and sub-tropical plants in cooler climates
Daryls Palm Page Palms and plants in and around Daryls home in SE Queensland, Australia
Guide to Brahea species A really useful page with details and pictures of many Brahea species
Palm Tree Passion .com Mineral Deficiency in Palms
Save our Palms ( Sauvons nos palmiers) French Website dedicated to information regarding Association of Environmental Protection - Fight against the Red Palm Weevil (CRP / RPW) and Paysandisia Archon (PA / PM)
Home Citrus Growers This web-site provides information and advice for non-commercial citrus growers, using UK plants as examples. It describes notable citrus specimens and collections that have been seen in the UK, Europe and around the world, taking a special interest in the native Australian citrus species and in frost-hardy citrus relatives.
Citrus Pages This is a comprehensively illustrated citrus website with descriptions and uses of over 400 varieties of citrus.
Jeffs Palm Garden EPS member Jeffs website. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia, in the SW corner of Canada. Victoria has a coastal sub-Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and cool damp winters.
Date Palm Cultivation The publication attempts to provide a basic introduction to date palm propagation, production and protection, and to summarise the body of information that has been acquired concerning date palm cultural techniques. It should serve as a reference volume for research workers, and a source of much more detailed information for extension specialists, date growers and anyone interested in the date palm industry. The book's 12 chapters cover the botanical and systematical description, origin, geographical distribution and nutritional value, economic importance, climatic requirements, orchard management, harvesting, and pest and diseases of date palm.
The Exotic Yorkshire Garden A guide to growing exotic and tropical plants in Northern England throughout the year.
Alternative Eden blog An exotic garden passion
Cordylines 1999 Conference in New Zealand Plants and their Story : web-site with cordyline information
Palm locations in Europe/Palmenstandorte in Europa Google Maps showing palms located in continental Europe
Bergstrom Gardens This web site is brimming over with detailed photographs of palm trees. It is organized so that visitors can easily identify palms of interest to them that do well in a Mediterranean climate.
Red Palm Weevil in Portugal Excellent article on this serious palm pest and possible ways to control it
Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families This Checklist gives information on the accepted scientific names and synonyms of selected plant families. It allows you to search for all the scientific names of a particular plant, or the areas of the world in which it grows (distribution). The checklist includes 151 Seed Plant families (View list of included families or reviewers). Different families are in different stages of review as indicated in the family list. Search for a family, genus, or genus plus species e.g. Amalia acuminata
The Palm Trees at Reedy Branch Palm trees growing in USDA Zone 8a in an inland location of North Carolina, USA. Website in English.
Exotische Gehölze für den mitteleuropäischen Garten Mediterranean plants including palm trees and other interresting species from all over the world for a Central European garden. Website in German.
Freilandpalmen Palms in Ihringen, Perhaps the warmest part of Germany. Website in German.
Rinus' plantenpagina About subtropical plants - including palm trees, bamboos and bananas - in the Netherlands. Website in Dutch.
Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust Ten years ago it was derelict, boarded up, rusting and a danger to the public. Local devotees pooled their energy and worked to save this once magnificent building and they have succeeded in securing the future for the Palm House for the next 100 years!
Palms and exotic plants for Scandinavia Superb resource for information on growing exotics across Scandinavia in English or Swedish
The hardiest palms USA based site that gives fascinating information on the most cold hardy palms
Zone Denial Great site that has links and references to information on many plant groups
Jungle Music's page on cold hardy palms Useful information on growing cold hardy palms
Jan Kolendo's Agave pages Fantastic site full of information and photos of Agave, including Paul Spacklin's article on hardy Agave
Member Hennie Verkerk's (Hent) Website Site in Dutch full of information and pictures of many exotic plants and the annual plant fairs that attract up to 1,500 visitors. (Exotic plant meet with trade or swap.)
Flowers of Crete Site dedicated to the plants of Crete, including protection of Phoenix theophrastii
European Network of Palm Scientists Network to exchange information on Palm Research taking place in Europe
Palmweb - Palm Taxonomy website Portal that pulls together information on Palm taxonomy EPS member Gav's web-site that includes palms and exotics grown by him in Northern Ireland.

Discussion boards

Some of the most valuable kinds of sites on the world wide web concerning palms and other exotic plants are definitely message boards or discussion groups. Message boards are mostly used with two goals, a) Exchange experiences/knowledge and b) Exchange plants/seeds Palms often need very specific care. A good way to expand your knowledge and experiences about palms is to visit message boards. Not only can you read very specific information, but you also have the opportunity to ask questions that have not been answered by your palm books. Below is a list of message boards that are extremely useful for Chamaerops members. These boards discuss only palm topics or are aimed at a corresponding or similar geographical location as Europe. All of these boards have many new interesting topics daily and a vast group of experienced and dedicated members.

Title Description
Hardy Tropicals A great UK based forum for discussing all types of exotic plants. The site is still available to view but the forums are now closed to further posts.
Exotics & Palms A German forum for everything related to exotic plants, especially palm trees, bananas, succulents, yuccas, agaves, cacti and of course everything that flowers. The forum is about planting, care, winter protection, fertilisation and much more is discussed.
Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board (public) Many new topics appear daily on this US-based board. More than half of the messages are about palms, and are often about hardy palms.
Cloud Forest gardener The Cloudforest is a community of gardeners, orchardists, urban homesteaders, and exotic palm and tropical garden enthusiasts who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the garden. German Forum run by Toby Spanner for winter hardy and tropical palm trees, agaves & yucca, bananas, tree ferns, palm trees and other exotic plants
Palmapedia Palmapedia has more than 500 members, 100,000 posts about palms and tropicals. The forum is read from many countries in the Croatian region and central Europe. It has several EPS members who are moderating it. The Google Toolbar translates the posts to English.
Palmvrienden Forum Dutch exotic plant forum
NorthWest Palms Discussion board for growing palms and other exotics in the NW of the USA
Discussion boards for cold hardy and subtropical plants Based in North America and Canada a number of good discussion forums
Pushing The Borders Forum for discussion of all exotic plants
Tropicano Forum Italian forum discussing exotic plants
Unusual Plants Discussion forums A wide variety of plants catered for here across a number of hosted forums. Includes cold hardy and tropical palms and well worth a look. There is a forum that will appeal to all plant lovers
Exotic plants in Scandinavia A popular forum for Scandinavia
Polish discussion board for palms & exotics Website in Polish with a discussion board covering palms and other exotics
Exoten und Garten (public) A message board in German. This board is very popular among the German speaking exotic gardeners. Most of the information is about cold hardy exotics making it a very useful board for Chamaerops members.
Growing on the edge An international forum for exotic gardening enthusiasts
Belgian forum for discussing exotic plants Great Belgian forum for discussing all exotic plants German Exotic forum / Palm Forum: hardy palms, Trachycarpus fortunei, yucca, citrus, agave, banana, bamboo, exotic fruits


Title Description
Carwinion Cornwall’s Bamboo Garden Visitors can wander among towering dicksonia antarctica, cryptomaria japonica, chusan palms and impressive gunnera as well as colourful rhododendrons and camelias.
Benmore Botanic Garden Benmore Botanic Garden is in a magnificent mountainside setting on the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll lies Benmore, an enchanting Garden steeped in history and surrounded by dramatic scenery.
Kingston Bagpuize House & Gardens Within the grounds of Kingston Bagpuize House, visitors can see features of previous gardens such as the Terrace Walk. Some of the yews in the garden are over 300 years old and in West Park, there is a London Plane Platanus x Hispanic, which is approximately 275 years old. Many other trees, including the Wellingtonias, were planted in Victorian times.
kilmacurragh botanic gardens Ireland The National Botanic Gardens, Kilmacurragh occupies a large estate developed extensively during the nineteeth century. It was a period of great botanical and geographical explorations with numerous plant species from around the world being introduced to Ireland for the first time. The different soil and climatic conditions at Kilmacurragh resulted in many of these specimens succeeding. Kilmacurragh is particularly famous for its conifers and rhododendron collections.
Paloma Gardens, New Zealand Wonderful garden, privately maintained, diverse collection of many plant types
Lamorran House Gardens Lamorran is a subtropical, Italianate inspired garden on Cornwall's beautiful Roseland peninsula, situated on a south facing slope, it is surrounded on three sides by the warming sea. The garden remains frost free in all but the most serious of winters; the last recorded frost being in 1987. A wide range of plants from all over the world is therefore able to be grown.
Lundkvist Palm Garden Malama The garden consists of 5 acres with more than 5000 individual palms representing approximately 625 different species of palms as well as many cycads and other plants. The elevation, abundant rainfall and specific location of the garden provide for a near perfect growing environment for almost all palms as well as many other plants.
Waterperry Gardens Just a stone’s throw from Oxford and within easy reach of London nestles Waterperry Gardens. It was made famous by Beatrix Havergal who established her School of Horticulture for Ladies here from 1932 to 1971, it’s now home to 8 acres of beautifully landscaped ornamental gardens, a quality plant centre and garden shop, gallery and gift barn, museum and teashop.
Eden Project The Eden Project is a gateway into this fascinating interactive world of plants and people, a living Theatre, exploring our global garden inheritance - revealing plants, as you've never seen them before.
Tregrehan Gardens Tucked into the head of St Austell Bay lies Cornwall's Temperate Rainforest at Tregrehan. Protected by the hills behind, massive trees and parkland, sits a sheltered botanical oasis; one of Cornwall's Great Gardens. This family run estate welcomes everyone to share and enjoy its non commercial atmospheric setting.
Morrob Gardens Morrab Gardens’ extensive collection of sub-tropical plants have been accumulated over many years. In the 1880s, unlike today there were no nurseries selling exotic plants, the original planting was the result of gifts from local estates. Morrab House with its walled garden was built in 1841 by wealthy brewer, Samuel Pidwell. By the late nineteenth century, Penzance had become a popular seaside resort and required a park for visitors’ recreation. To this end, Penzance Corporation acquired the property at auction in 1888 for £3,120.
Beechwell House Garden Beechwell House, 11 miles North East of Bristol, is an enclosed, level garden designed as a sub tropical garden. Plants include Palms, Tree Ferns, Yuccas, Agaves, various succulents, Phormiums, Bamboos, Bananas, Gunnera and other ’Architectural Planting’. There’s also a Koi pond, wildlife pond and a 16th century well. The garden is open to gardening groups, garden visits by appointment, and the National Gardens Scheme (NGS).
Cragside Garden There are several different gardens which include a magnificent example of a Victorian garden. The Orchard house is one of the largest surviving glasshouses dating from the 1870’s, The Italian Terrace is the centrepiece of the lowest level of the Formal Gardens. The largest rock garden in Europe surrounds the house on three sides.
The Garden @ Southern Comfort - Torquay Maciej Pomian-Srzednicki’s wonderful south facing exotic garden in Torquay, Devon
Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh was founded in the 17th century as a physic garden. It captures the imagination of everyone who visits and is world renowned for its horticultural excellence. Over 70 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds provide a tranquil haven just one mile from the city centre. Now it extends over four Gardens boasting a rich living collection of plants, and is a world-renowned centre for plant science and education. There is also a fantastic glasshouse, housing the largest Trachycarpus princeps in the UK possibly the World.
Logan Botanic Garden Logan Botanic Garden At the south-western tip of Scotland lies Logan, the country’s most exotic garden. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, southern hemisphere plants flourish in this plantsman’s paradise near Port Logan in Dumfries & Galloway.
Dawyck Botanic Gardens Dawyck Botanic Garden is truly one of the world’s finest arboreta. Seasonal displays of abundant exotic and native plants provide a breathtaking backdrop of colour throughout the year. The Garden also offers an award-winning visitor centre.
Batsford Arboretum & Garden Centre Batsford is home to one of the finest botanical collections in the country and is run by the charitable trust. The Arboretum is planted on a south facing slope which means visitors get to see their magnificent tree and plant collections from an unusual angle, as well as the stunning views of the Evenlode Valley beyond. It is 56 acres in size,
NongNooch Pattaya Garden Thailand The NongNooch Tropical Botanical Garden was officially opened in 1980. It was arranged to show Thai arts and cultures, and elephant show in the field surrounded by beautiful garden every day. Pattaya City & NongNooch Tropical Botanical Garden is the leading tourist site of Southeastern region where there are thousands of tourists visiting from all over the world.
Mount Usher Gardens Mount Usher is among Ireland's most loved gardens, by both professionals and the wider public. There are over 5,000 species of plants and shrubs from all over the world. Visitors can follow one of the shaded winding paths and sit on one of the benches scattered throughout the nine hectares of gardens along the River Vartry. The Avoca Garden Café and Courtyard shops are also very popular.
Arduaine This wonderful coastal garden forms a horticultural tour around the temperate world with a collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, Blue Tibetan poppies, giant Himalayan lilies and Chatham Island forget-me-nots.
Inverewe A lush, sub-tropical-style, oasis perched on a peninsula at the edge of Loch Ewe amid the rugged landscape of Wester Ross, this world-famous historic garden is one of Scotland’s most popular botanical attractions. It is surrounded by an extensive 2,000 acre estate. The garden was created out of bare rock and a few scrub willows in 1862 and is full of colourful, exotic plants from around the world. Highlights include the most northerly planting of rare Wollemi pines, Himalayan blue poppies, olearia from New Zealand, Tasmanian eucalypts, and rhododendrons from China, Nepal and the Indian subcontinent
Crathes Castle Turrets and towers, winding staircases, ornate ceilings and ancient sculpted yew trees, combine to make a visit to Crathes Castle, Garden and Estate a great day out for the whole family. An enchanting 16th-century tower house, Crathes is surrounded by 240 hectares of formal gardens, woodland walks and rolling Scottish countryside.
National Botanic Garden of Wales The National Botanic Garden of Wales is set on historic parkland, dating back around 400 years. Visitors can see how they have restored some wonderful remnants of the Middleton Regency Water Park, especially the Double Walled Garden, Principality House, the Stables and the Lakes.
Powerscourt Explore 47 acres of gardens, meander through the charismatic stores in Powerscourt House and indulge at the Avoca Terrace Café. Visit the highest waterfall in Ireland, explore its parkland and discover its wildlife. Enjoy a family-friendly day out including a children’s playground.
Rowallane The gardens are a mix of formal and informal spaces with many unusual vistas and unique plants from across the world. The trees, plants and shrubs range in ages, size and colour and create a spectacle throughout the year.
Mount Stewart The mild climate of Strangford Lough allows astonishing levels of planting experimentation. The formal areas exude a strong Mediterranean feel and resemble an Italian villa landscape; the wooded areas support a range of plants from all corners of the world, ensuring something to see whatever the season.
Botanic Cullera A new botanical garden built about one hour south of Valencia, Spain. It has been designed by a former nurseryman and chairman of the Spanish palm society and is well worth a visit. The botanical garden (25,000 m2) is open to the public who you can enjoy over 2,500 plant species: palm trees, cactus, Encephalartos, fruit, cycads.
Coleton Fishacre You can lose yourself in the RHS accredited garden: viewpoints give enticing glimpses out to sea, paths weave through glades past tranquil ponds, and tender plants from the Mediterranean, South Africa and New Zealand thrive in the moist and sheltered valley.
The Walled Gardens of Cannington Located in the village of Cannington, Somerset, the Walled Gardens lie within the grounds of a medieval priory and many of its fine buildings, including the walls of the garden, remain. The Gardens have classic and contemporary features such as; the 'hot' Herbaceous Border; the Blue Garden; the Sub-Tropical Walk; and a Victorian style fernery.
Upton Country Park Dorset Over 130 acres of parkland, shoreline and formal estate gardens in Dorset. its Poole’s premier attraction, whatever the season. Marvel at the grand Grade II* listed Georgian Mansion House, enjoy the wildlife along the shoreline, enjoy one of their regular events – or simply find a quiet spot to admire the amazing horticulture and beautiful botanical Walled Garden.
East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens The garden lies 1½ miles from the North Sea in an exposed prairie landscape containing large arable fields. Many of the wildlife habitats have long been swept away and the owners have endeavoured throughout the garden to replace these by the planting of mixed hedgerows, banks, wildflower areas and ponds.Throughout the garden you will see many rare and unusual plants growing.
Great Dixter House & Gardens Great Dixter was the family home of gardener and gardening writer Christopher Lloyd – it was the focus of his energy and enthusiasm and fuelled over 40 years of books and articles. Now under the stewardship of Fergus Garrett and the Great Dixter Charitable Trust, Great Dixter is an historic house, a garden, a centre of education, and a place of pilgrimage for horticulturists from across the world.
RHS Garden Rosemoor RHS Garden Rosemoor is open all year except Christmas Day. It is located at Great Torrington Devon EX38 8PH. There's always something new and inspiring going on at RHS Garden Rosemoor, whatever your interest.
RHS Garden Harlow Carr There’s always something new and inspiring going on at RHS Garden Harlow Carr, whatever your interest. It is located at Crag Lane Harrogate North Yorkshire HG3 1QB and is open all year except Christmas Day.
Scampston Walled Garden Scampston Walled Garden is a stunningly beautiful contemporary garden, quite unlike any other. Designed by the renowned Dutch plantsman, Piet Oudolf, and featuring modern, perennial meadow planting alongside more traditional areas, the garden is open to the public from Easter to October every year.
Dingle Nurseries & Garden The garden is especially well known for its colour-themed and unusual planting which includes lakeside, lawned and mixed bed areas that showcase a wide and unusual range of shrub, tree and herbaceous planting. The stream fed lake and the huge array of plant species make this sheltered dingle a haven for all types of wildlife.
Oxford Botanic Garden Visit inspiring herbaceous borders, glasshouses that take you around the World or simply relax in the oldest Botanic Garden in Britain. The Botanic Garden is the most compact, yet diverse collection of plants in the World right in the heart of the city centre and is open throughout the year for you to visit and enjoy.
Arundel Castle & Gardens In addition to the castle Arundel has a magnificent exotic garden. Discover the exciting and innovative Walled Gardens at Arundel Castle The Collector Earl’s Garden Stumpery English Herbaceous Borders Cut Flower Garden Organic Kitchen Garden Glass Houses White Garden Rose Garden Gallery Tulip Festival Allium Extravaganza
Beth Chatto Gardens The Beth Chatto Gardens began in 1960. From an overgrown wasteland with poor gravel soil and boggy hollows, it has been transformed into an informal garden harmonising with the surrounding countryside. The gardens are an inspiration to anyone who visits them - the art of planting at its best.
RHS Hyde Hall RHS Garden Hyde Hall is surely one of the finest gardens in the East of England, its location among rolling hills and fantastic panoramic views can often surprise the visitor to Essex. This 360-acre estate is constantly evolving, as the gardening team strive to retain the original intimacy and charm of this horticultural gem, while at the same time aiming to restore much of the estate to its former rural glory, including its historic hedgerows and woodland.
Henstead Exotic Garden Suffolk The garden was made from scratch some 10 years ago and is some two acres in size. It is a fully landscaped exotic garden that is normally open to the public 1 day a week on Wednesdays from May to October and on a couple of specified Sundays. Andrew Brogan is the creator and owner of the garden and is available to give talks to garden groups etc. Media Coverage: . Suffolks Most Exotic Garden, Jaw Droppingly Impressive, Fantastic, Stunning, Featured on BBC Gardeners World and Filmed by Channel 5
Dilston Physic Garden Discover the remarkable power of the plants around us - explore this Physic Garden of over 800 living medicinal plants all signposted as to what aspects of your health they promote and how. From magic, legends & folklore to the latest science & medicine in a beautiful tranquil setting.
Bodnant Garden Marvel at plants from all over the world grown from seed and cuttings collected over a century ago on plant-hunting expeditions. Created by five generations of one family, this 32-hectare (80-acre) garden is superbly located, with spectacular views across Snowdonia.
Powis Castle & Garden The medieval castle rises dramatically above the celebrated garden. The world-famous garden, overhung with clipped yews, shelters rare and tender plants. Laid out under the influence of Italian and French styles, it retains its original lead statues and an orangery on the terraces.
York Gate Garden York Gate is a one-acre garden tucked away behind the ancient church in Adel, on the northern outskirts of Leeds. Created by the Spencer family during the second half of the twentieth century, and now owned and managed by Perennial, it is a garden of immense style and craftsmanship, widely recognised as one of the most innovative small gardens of the period.
Trewithen Gardens An historic private Estate boasting one of the loveliest gardens in England. With its magnificent collection of camellias, rhododendrons and magnolias, its wonderfull woodland walks and its heritage family home, Trewithen is a rare and unique Cornish gem.
Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens Dorset Established in 1765 and developed since then into a magnificent 20 acre garden filled with rare and exotic plants from all over the world. Many of these plants were first introductions to the UK.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan A lost exotic garden in Cornwall that has been brought back to life.
Exotic garden in Belgium Photopage, exotic gardening in a cool climate.
Gardens of Menton Gardens of Menton and Monaco on the french riviera. Website in French, English and Italian!
Overbecks : National Trust House and Gardens A hidden paradise of subtropical gardens and quirky the seaside home of inventor and scientist Otto Overbeck. His gardens and house are perched high on the cliffs above Salcombe, with glorious views over the estuary and coast.
Paignton Zoo Paignton Zoo is a great day out - lots of animals, lots of plants, lots of space. It's ideal for families but people of all ages will have a good time. It's fun and surprising and exciting and unpredictable
ROSELAND HOUSE GARDEN The garden will be open to visitors each Tuesday & Wednesday April to September 24th. 1 PM to 5 PM Adults £3.00 (children free). Teas (with home made cakes) are available, dogs on leads are welcome. There is no parking at the garden on garden open days, but the free village car park is only 100 yards from the garden and there is also parking on nearby roads.
Trengwainton Garden A National Trust Sheltered garden that is bursting with exotic trees and shrubs Trengwainton’s 25 acres invite you to explore – and come back for more. Discover a garden where the spirit of the Plant Hunters lives on.
Bamboo Park Glengarriff This is a unique exotic garden in one of the most attractive areas of Ireland. Situated in the mild climate of Glengarriff in the southwest. Thirty different species of bamboo surrounded by palms and other tropical plants, amidst of romantic paths and breathtaking views.
Palmiye Merkezi - Botanic Garden in Turkey Member Ragip Esener’s Botanic Garden in Turkey. The Botanical Garden occupies an area of approximately 22.000 m2 (236.806ft²) in the Palm Centre situated in a total area of 80.000 m2 (861.113ft²). Botanical Garden consists of the following sections: Palmetum (Palm Garden), Cactus House, Tropical Greenhouse, Water Gardens, Dream Garden (Water Lily Ponds), Tropical Fruits Garden, Oleander Collection and Oleander Cafe With more than 70 species of palms, more than 300 species of cacti and succulents, a total of more than 1000 varieties of perennial, annual, shrubs and tree type plants are in the collection.
Mexicana Garden - South of France A garden of exotics between Cannes and Nice on the French Riviera, great range of plants cultivated
A Private Botanical garden On Corsica This is a fantastic garden established by one of the earliest members of the society Jacques Deleuze
Wakehurst A National Trust Garden Run by Kew in West Sussex. It is Kew's garden in the country that contains the Millennium Seed Bank, storing seed for future generations. There are 188 hectares (465 acres) of country estate, with ornamental gardens, temperate woodlands and an Elizabethan Mansion.
Kells Bay Gardens Kells Bay Gardens opened to visitors since the autumn of 2006 is one of Ireland’s foremost Victorian gardens.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Explore glasshouses, landscapes and 250 years of history at the world's most famous garden. Climb to the treetops, delve into rainforest or discover more on a guided tour.
The Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses Situated in Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK, the gardens opened in 1832 are a 15 acre oasis of delight. You will find beauty, peace and also tranquility combined with excellent visitor facilities for all the family.
Compton Acres Compton Acres located in Poole Dorset, covers ten acres, was built in 1924 and is a wonderful example of a historic garden in the UK. It is of late Victorian Mixed Style design with seven distinct gardens to wander around and enjoy, including the Italian Garden and the Japanese Garden.
Ventnor Botanic Garden The Botanic Garden on the Isle of Wight is a place where the pleasure of plants can be enjoyed to the fullest. It is also a place where people of all ages can learn more about the wonderful world of plants.
Chelsea Physic Garden Situated in the heart of London, this 'Secret Garden' is a centre of education, beauty and relaxation. Founded in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries, it continues to research the properties, origins and conservation of over 5000 plant species.
Trebah Garden Cornwall A sub-tropical paradise with a stunning coastal backdrop. One of the Great Gardens of Cornwall and rated among the 80 finest gardens in the world.
Wisley : Royal Horticultral Society Wisley is undoubtedly one of the great gardens of the world. Its huge plant collection is also diverse, with a comprehensive fruit-growing collection, alpines, vegetables, bulbs as well as herbaceous and woody plants.
Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens West Cornwall An evolving series of gardens in a beautiful sheltered valley, exotic & unfamiliar plants, unexpectedly happening upon contemporary art within the landscape
Abbey Gardens Tresco An exotic garden located on the isles of Scilly to the South West of Cornwall
An exotic garden in Veenendaal - Netherlands A members great garden in the Netherlands site in Dutch and English
Gardens open to visit in Europe List of gardens opne for visiting in Holland, Belgium and Denmark