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A L ombre des Figuiers A L’ombre des figuiers is a French nursery selling exotic plants. Their web site is being translated into English for fast and safe delivery in the UK and throughout Europe.
Aardam Aardam specialises in supplying starting material for tropical foliage plant growers worldwide. Their most important products are Aglaonema, palms, Coffea arabica, Zamioculcas, Areca and a variety of promising new products.
Akamba nursery Amazing nursery located near Birmingham for exotic plants and wonderful garden ornaments. It has a garden Centre - African Heritage - Bar & Eatery.
Akerne Orchids Belgian based nursery offering Orchids, Tillandsia and seed raised Cycads
All Seeds Europe Based in Holland All Seeds Europes web-site offers kinds of seeds which they would like to bring to your attention. In general, these seeds, or other material, ares not as easy to obtain. Some may be sometimes a bit stubborn but that makes it so much fun to do.
Architectural Plants Architectural Plants nursery is near Pulborough in West Sussex and specialises in plants that are both shapely and exotic - Japanese and European Topiary, hardy palms, bananas, bamboos, plants for screening, and a range of rare evergreen trees. They are the home of the interesting, unusual, quirky and bizarre - the tropical and the jungly, of both big and small specimen plants. Winners of a number of awards for their innovative approach and high level of presentation. The Antidote to Garden Centres. The nursery was in Nuthurst near Horsham for 25 years and moved to their present site in February 2015.
Athelas Plants Nursery based in East Sussex selling a wide range of exotic plants
Australian Seed Australian supplier of exotic, herbs, vegetables Australian natives and flower seeds.
B & T World Seeds The largest lists on this web-site contain prices for seeds from over 5,000 different plant species or varieties. The Master List contains prices for seeds from over 35,000 different plant species or varieties.
Bamboo Garden Nursery They specialise in bamboos, both rare and common, at reasonable prices, serving retail, wholesale, and mail order markets. Bamboo Garden has been growing bamboo since 1980. Now, with over 300 bamboo varieties at their 20 acre farm near Portland, Oregon, they maintain the most diverse bamboo collection in the United States
Ben Candlin The Aroid Specialist The nursery has a wide range of Aroids for sale, including Arisaema, Amorphophallus, Arum, Colocasia and Zantedeschia.
Big Plant Nursery A UK exotic plant nursery. Big Plant Nursery are specialist growers and importers of hardy exotic plants including hardy exotic and architectural trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. They grow a wide range of bamboos, Japanese maples, Palms and stunning birch trees along with a wide selection of Ginkgo varieties.
Bijzondere Tuinplanten Special Garden Plants A small Dutch nursery growing and selling all kinds of garden plants. The website offers a wide range of rare, special and exotic garden plants including palms that are grown on site and also sourced from other specialised nurseries.
Blue nurseries Ltd Blue Nurseries is a specialist independent nursery founded in 2011. The company grows a wide range of hardy exotic plants, mainly from seed and cuttings on our site in the heart of Wiltshire. We dispatch every week using a packaging technique that ensures our plants arrive safely and in top condition. Our new website is more than just an online shop, with a regularly updated blog and downloadable free cultivation guides.
Bowden Inc World Of & Rickards Ferns Nursery Supplying Hostas, Ferns & Grasses
Canarius plants Wide range of exotic plants and tropical fruit trees from the nursery based in the Canary Islands
Coldplant Nursery Chinese nursery supplying plants and seeds. China Gardening (Coldplant) Nursery , established in Canton province,China with several palm producstion bases in the cold areas, is a professional grower and exporter of palms like Trachycarpus fortunei, Trachycarpus princeps, Trachycarpus fortunei cv Tesan,T.fortunei Winsan,Trachycarpus nova, Cycads like Cycas micholitzii ,Cycas multipinnata , and Cycas debaoensis, as well as numerous bamboos and other ornamental trees.
Crûg Farm Plants Crûg Farm Plants has an outstanding and unrivalled selection of plants, located in one of the most beautiful areas of North Wales. Originally it was run as a beef farm but ever since its transition to a nursery in 1991, Crûg has become a Mecca for extraordinary plants.
Der Palmanmann German nursery selling exotic plants
Desert to Jungle Desert To Jungle is a small unique specialist exotic plant nursery based within Somerset, only 5mins from junction 25 of the M5. The plant centre is based around a Victorian walled garden, which they have started to plant as a jungle. They hold a large variety of Agave's and Succulents and hold a large selection of Bamboo's. They have a large variety of Ferns and Tree Ferns and on the jungle side of things they have many types of Banana, a large collection of Canna's, Ginger and a wide variety of palms.
Dicksonia Direct Dicksonia Direct is a small enthusiast-owned nursery that specialises in the import of Tree Ferns, Palms and other hardy exotics from around the world.
Eco Palms A German nursery offering winter hardy palms of a particularly good and premium quality, with really thick fat trunks, a lot of fronds and a good root ball.
ExoPlants Dutch supplier of cycads and palms
Exotic Garden Exotic Garden grew out of a hobby and a passion for exotic plants that are suitable for the Belgian and Dutch climates. After a few harsh winters, the nursery has accumulated a lot of experience of what can and cannot be grown. Their website gives information about exotic plants and their properties. They can also be contacted for advice in the caring of exotic plants.
Exotica Palm Center German nursery selling exotic plants
Fertinyect Company specialising in the prevention and treatment of Red Palm Weevil
Floribunda Palms and Exotics Floribunda Palms and Exotics grows and sells palms and exotic plants of tropical and sub-tropical regions from around the globe. They grow over 300 of the rarest and most exciting species from seed and also specialize in familiar and hardy landscaping varieties. Contacts are maintained in the world’s botanical hotspots—like Madagascar, New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.
Fresh seeds Online market place where you can sell your surplus palm and exotic plant seeds and purchase others from like minded growers around the world
Garden Palms Garden Palms based in Holland, is a specialist nursery in the cultivation, import and export of palms and cooperates with numerous foreign nurseries. They offer the finest selection of imported Butia palms from South America and accommodate large international orders for seedlings in their greenhouses.
Hardy Exotics Nursery Hardy Exotics is a unique and unrivalled collection of over 1,500 species of plants ideal for exotic gardening. They have been personally gathered as seeds and cuttings by Clive Shilton and Julie Smith and then developed in their nursery in Cornwall over twenty years. At the heart of exotic gardening in the UK
Hardy Palms Hardypalms is primarily a mail order nursery, however, visitors are welcomed by appointment at almost any hour any day. Furthermore visitors often receive a ’deal’ with some plants discounted without the constraints of postage and packaging. All members of either the European Palm Society or Hardy Tropicals UK forums will receive an automatic 10% discount on website prices should they choose to visit.
Hill House Nursery Hill House Nursery & Tea Room are open 11am to 5pm 7 days a week including Bank Holidays and Easter Sunday. Their range of over 3,000 plants includes some very unusual and hard-to-find ones & most plants are propagated and grown by them and are in 2 litre pots or bigger unless otherwise stated.
Ji Yang Nursery The nursery grows and sells high quality haworthia and echeveria in Korea. They make hybrids and are among the top 5 haworthia seller and mania in the world.This is a professional cultivation farm for Haworthia & Echeveria supplying both retail & wholesale.
Jungle Seeds JungleSeeds is a company dedicated to providing information and seeds for those of you wishing to grow Exotics. Whether your interest is for tropical summer bedding, hardy planting or for growing exotics under cover, Jungle Seeds have tried hard to provide a wide range of exciting and unusual seeds alongside more traditional and unusual ones.
Kakteen - Kakteensamen Tillandsien German website for cacti, succulents, tillandsia, mesembryanthemi, potted plants and their seeds!
Kells Bay Gardens and Nursery Fantastic garden on South West of Ireland with Billy Alexanders Nursery of ferns, palms and other goodies
KPR Gardeners Club KPR was established in Slovakia, Europe and since 1998 have supplied seeds and plants from all over the world . Their main objective is focused on joining gardeners around the world from all fields of interests to create a big database of seeds and plants.
Linacre Plants Small UK Nursery specialising in exotic plants
Lower Kenneggy Nurseries Lower Kenneggy Nurseries is a small nursery specialising in plants for coastal gardens. All the plants we care for and nurture are grown on site at the nursery situated less than half a mile from the sea overlooking Mounts Bay, Cornwall.
Mesa Garden US site containing the offers of Cactus and Succulent plants and seeds
My Palm Shop Specialises in hardy palms and exotics with pan-european distribution. Most of the plants come from their own production and the nursery is part of Gardenpalms Europe.
Navajo Country Plants A German supplier of pediocactus and sclerocactus, navajoa, toumeya, yucca and other hardy cacti, succulents, and wildflowers from USA, Canada, South America with habitat data. Cultivated material.
Nindethana Australian Seeds One of Australia’s largest and most established seed merchants, who have been providing quality seeds and sound advice to their clients for over 70 years. They supply seed to the home gardener nurseries, landscapers, universities and mining companies.
Olive Grove Oundle Stockist of olive trees, palm trees, ornamental trees and a range of Meditteranean plants and home to the UK’s largest Olive tree, esimated at 1000 years old
Palm Alicante Washingtonia The nursery is dedicated to the commercialisation of the washingtonia palm tree. It operates from Spain but also trades within Europe and can provide appropriate plant passport documentation. The palms are provided at competitive prices which vary depending on their height, number required, etc.
Palm Traders Founded in 1993 Palmtraders UK began life in a tropical tea garden in Devon and by the turn of the millennium was recognised as one of the countries leading suppliers of palms and exotic plants. From a nursery base in Exeter plants are distributed across Europe destined to grace private and botanical gardens.
Palma Palmetto An Online Shop for hardy palms and exotic plants. Hardy palm trees and exotic plants are their specialty. For decades they have been engaged with Mediterranean plants. In their online shop you will find an ever-growing range of customised palms , olive trees , bananas ( Musa ), heliconias , tree ferns bamboo , agave , cacti and yucca as well as accessories such as books, pots and garden accessories.
Palma Verde A Dutch nursery selling a range of Mediterranean and exotic plants, palm trees, olive and etc.
Palmaris Nursery Based in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. Website in French & English, nursery selling many exotic plants! There are 2 websites one in Dutch and the other in English ( , where you can find fresh palm seeds and other tropical seeds for a good price. There are palm and banana seedlings, fertilizer, bulbs and more.
Palmbooster Supplement that can be used to promote root growth on palms, especially seedlings and transplanted specimens
Palme Per Paket Nursey selling exotic plants in Germany
Palmensamen The nursery in Switzerland started in the year 2000 after Sonja Spuler came back from a foreign trip with a few seeds. At that time there was no information on growing exotic plants but that has changed now. Since 2001 the nursery has brought several thousand seeds to germination. Since 2004, they have had young plants as well as Plumeria. Sonja thinks it is important to plant early in the Swiss climate because experience has shown that there are palm trees, agaves, yuccas, bamboo and bananas that can certainly withstand the harsh climate. On line supplier of palms, yuccas etc who also sells through ebay.
Palmerasyjardines Palm tree specialist, PALMASUR is one of the leading European growers and distributors of high quality ornamental plants for Mediterranean and subtropical climates. Established in 1989, PALMASUR offers an impressive range of palms, yuccas, olive trees, cycads and other hardy exotics, from the very rare and unusual to the more frequently used plants today, from young plants to ex ground re-established specimens.
Palms-Exotics A family nursery growing Palms, Exotics plants, Bamboo, Grass perennials and many others. The nusery has many years of experience of growing plants and many of them are grown from seed.
Pan-Global Plants Founded by Nick Macer, Pan-Global Plants is a specialist plant nursery located in the Severn Valley of Gloucestershire
Paramount Plants and Gardens Paramount Plants & Gardens specialises in Hardy Palms for UK gardens - all plants in their collection are available to buy online with UK and Ireland delivery.
Pine Cottage Plants Pine Cottage Plants is a small nursery overlooking the Taw valley in rural mid Devon, England. They have specialized in growing and selling Agapanthus, for the past sixteen years, and have held a UK National Collection at Eggesford since 1997
Plant Delights The Plant Delights Nursery is one of the premier plant nurseries in the U.S. to visit and they offer thousands of plants for sale. If you are wondering where to buy plants, Plant Delights is the place and there is also the Juniper Level Botanic Garden to visit at the same site.
Plant World Seeds Wide range of seeds.
Planta Plaza German nursery that can be visited by arrangement. Plants can be purchased on line from the website and ebay and they even rent plants out.
Plantacio i Jardineria Sacalm sl, PLAJARSA Garden Nursery in Girona Spain
Plantas Tropipalms Over the years Tropipalms has grown and increased their stock with thousands of trees. They have a large and unique collection of majestic olive trees and a wide variety of elegant palm trees, to respond the demands of their customers. All plants are in stock and can be seen at their nursery. They offer flexibility, efficiency and excellent service to each delivery and shipment to Europe and the Middle East. The competitive prices and service is the keys of the success of the company.
Plantbase From Temperate to Tropical Plants for every Garden A unique nursery growing 1,600 different varieties of plants over 220 grown only by Plant base. (RHS Planfinder 2011/12) Tropical, South African, Australian, New Zealand, Exotic, jungle, hardy, South American, and rare plants
Protea Online The web- site was born from the desire to disclose and make known species of Proteas. basics guide to the plant, tips and shop.
Rare Palm Seeds Very wide range of Palm, Cycad, Musa, Succulent and Conifer seeds
Rare-Cycads.Com Member Peter Wisbar’s web-site offering the rarest and most sort after cycads from around the world and also rare palm seedlings.
ROSELAND HOUSE NURSERY EPS member Charlie and his wife Liz run this small specialist nursery. A Mail order catalogue of climbing and conservatory plants is provided. The nursery is located in Roseland Gardens in Cornwall.
Sayers Strelitzia Nursery Est. 1980 Sayers Strelitzia Nursery produces Strelitzia on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.
Seagrave Nurseries A web site dedicated to supplying hardy architectural specimen plants for people who do not want to pay garden centre prices.
Shrubland Park Nurseries The nursery grows a wide range of interesting, unusual hardy and exotic plants on their traditional family-run nursery in Suffolk. You can either buy online, ring them with your order or better still, make a visit.
Silverhill Seeds and Books Silverhill Seeds is home to a vast repository of seeds across the spectrum of African flora.
Sunshine seeds Tropical and sub-tropical plant seeds
Teeninga Palmen A tropical garden centre and a growing nursery in the Netherlands with many winter hardy palms and other tropical plants.
The Botanico Rare and unusual exotic plants of many kinds, especially good for Zingiberaceae and Aroids. National Collection holder for Impatiens
The cactus and succulent plant mall The CSPM is an Internet resource for all growers of cacti and succulents. It is regularly updated with information on cactus and succulent societies and suppliers of plants, seeds and literature on cacti and succulents.
The Mule Palm Nursery The Mule Palm, X Butyagrus nabonnandii, is one of the most beautiful of all the frost-hardy pinnate-leaved palms. Its rarity and useful size make it a treasure for warm climate gardens, bringing coconut-like lushness to areas where the frost-tender true coconut (Cocos nucifera) would not prosper.
The Palm Centre We are a nursery supplying interesting plants from around the world. We grow, source and propagate a large variety of plants from the very rare and unusual to the more frequently used plants popular in UK horticulture today. Our nursery is 5 acres including glasshouses and outdoor display areas and is situated in the old kitchen gardens of Ham House by the River Thames in Richmond. Opened in 1989 by Martin Gibbons, the Chelsea Gold Medal winning Palm Centre in Richmond (south west London) is the UK's original and premier nursery for hardy exotics. We supply retail, trade, wholesale and on-line customers with the full range of hardy plants including palms, ferns, bamboos, grasses, olives, trees, arid and herbaceous plants. Our website is continually updated. Close to the M4, M3 and North/South Circular roads we are easy to get to, and offer on-site parking, plus friendly and knowledgeable staff who will advise, wrap, and pack your purchases and load your car. We grow many of our plants
The Palm House The Palm House is a mail order nursery based in the UK , specialising in growing Trachycarpus wagnerianus, the Miniature Chusan Palm or "Waggie", from seed.
The Palm Tree Company The Palm Tree Company specialising in a huge range of top quality, beautiful, palms, olives and exotics for sale, suitable for the British climate.
The Rodings Plantery A great range of bamboo available including large specimens, ph. vivax, ph. vivax aureacaulis, ph. vivax ’huanwenzhu’, ph. castellonii, semiarundinaria fastuosa, fargesia denduata and lots more!! Also landscape plants and hedgeing. Advice, delivery and planting service available too!!
The Tropical Plant Company The Tropical Plant Company is a family run company based in the beautiful Lancashire countryside and has a wealth of experience in all kinds of tropical plant growing. Their plants are lovingly grown or hand picked and nurtured to ensure you receive the best quality product.
Thrinax The special nursery for palm - Palm Seeds - cycads and more
Todds Botanics Todd's Botanics specialise in drought tolerant herbaceous and architectural type plants and trees which are either grown by them or hand selected from Europe's specialist suppliers. They stock a wide range of ancient olive trees, palms, box, bay, yew, tree ferns and bamboo, as well as succulents, grasses, ferns and other quality perennials. Please note they are only open by appointment.
Trachycarpus Takil Trachycarpus takil Kumaon or Kalamuni palm information and pictures
Trebrown Nurseries Online Shopping for Palm Seeds Palm Trees, Cycads, Bananas, Plants & Other Exotics plus Complete Species Database, Hardiness Zone Map, Articles Blog, Newsletters etc.
Trevenna Cross Nursery Nursery based in Cornwall selling a wide range of exotic plants
Tropical Britain Tropical Britain is an online plantsman nursery specialising in exotic plants. Rare, unusual and exotic plants are our passion. What excites us is seeing a garden full of species that look like they belong more in the tropics - or on another planet - pull through the harsh British winter and then go on to thrive.
Tropical Centre Dutch webshop and nursery with own import, production and sale of Desert and Jungle plants: Yucca, Agave, Dasylirion, Palms, Treeferns and much more!
Tropical Seeds Tropical Seeds is specialized in tropical seeds for the professional market all over the world. They focus chiefly on palms, cycads and ornamentals for nurseries and trade. Their seeds can be used to cultivate indoor plants in temperate zones and outdoor plants in (sub)tropical zones. Also the so called ‘cold hardy palms seeds ‘ are in their assortment. There are 2 websites one in English and the other in Dutch ( , where you can find fresh palm seeds and other tropical seeds for a good price. There are palm and banana seedlings, fertilizer, bulbs and more.
Urban & Rural Plants Exeter Specialists In The Unusual : They are a trade nursery that is also open to the public. They sell a wide variety of plants and trees at unbeatable prices. One of their specialities are architectural plants. They have a large stock at their nursery but also have many suppliers allowing them to source whatever their customers need.
Urban Jungle The nursery began in 2001 as the antidote to the traditional Garden Centre. They love plants, gardens and gardening too. It is all about plants and not cards and cuddly toys. Their aim is to help you make informed plant choices and offer something a little special to make your garden unique. They also supply plants by mail order and have been doing so for over a decade. They care for the environment and nature and are making big changes to the way they run their nursery. They use no chemical pesticides and only organic fertilizers in their gardens. A German supplier of a broad variety of seeds of more than 4.000 different and unique species and a selection of nursery raised Titan Arums (Amorphophallus spp.)