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EPS visit to Kew Gardens

Saturday 22nd September saw 24 members meet up for our annual get together at Kew Gardens.


The main focus this time was to visit the recently re-opened and refurbished Temperate House, but the day also coincided with the rare chance to see the tropical nursery which is not usually open to the public.


A great day was had by all, despite the wet weather after we arrived!!!

25 Sep 2018 | Read the full story...

Seeds collected from Jubaea chilensis 'silver leaf form' donated to raise fund for EPS

Freshly collected by a member of the society in Italy from a palm with silver foliage. Limited number of these special seeds donated to offer to members to raise funds for EPS.

22 Oct 2016 | Read the full story...

Seeds of Rhapidophyllum hystrix 'Central Florida form' donated to raise EPS funds

We have had another generous donation of fresh seeds to offer to members to raise funds for the EPS. This time of Rhapidophyllum hystrix a form that is being tentatively known as 'Central Florida form'.

Details of the offer in the membership area.

17 Feb 2016 | Read the full story...

EPS FaceBook page launched

To compliment the EPS desktop and mobile websites a society closed Facebook page has also been started. 

1 Feb 2016 | Read the full story...

Seeds of an uncommon and recently described species of Butia donated to raise funds for EPS

A member has kindly donated some seed of Butia quaraimana to offer members in return for a donation to the society toward our website costs.

28 Jan 2016 | Read the full story...

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