Chilean Wine palms make TV!

Posted: 23 Feb 2008

I hope a number of you have been able to follow the BBC2 programme 'Around the World in 80 Gardens' presented by Monty Don.

For me it has been a bit of a mixed bag series so far with some nice gardens though often more so from a design perspective as they were a bit light on plants! Personally I would love to see more information given on some of the plants, it seems a shame to go to such great places and not tell us more about the plants we are seeing. I wonder why we can never get programmes that showcase the plants themselves!

Anyway.... this weeks episode was in South America with some super plants to be seen. What made me happy though was the visit to see Chilean Wine palms growing, (in the rain!), with a good few minutes of airtime devoted to showing Jubaea with some impressive specimens. The palms were being protected as their increasing rarity has been recognised.
Monty even got to sample some Jubaea palm sap 'wine' from a palm that had fallen by 'natural causes!' which looked like drinking syrup or treacle!!!

Good to see a palm making it onto national and I hope international television!

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