Palm flowering season

Posted: 26 May 2008

Well it is a public holiday in the UK today and right on queue it is raining hard! I suppose it is good for the plants though and the tree ferns with newly emerging fronds will like it. As ever some good watering for the garden is always welcome and a prospect of temperatures into the low 20's C might mean some good growth ahead this week!

It is certainly full flowering season here for Trachycarpus fortunei and wagnerianus. Both are in full flow in the garden and I am struck by how many I see out and about which of course are also now in bloom. I am also interested in seeing just what the smallest size plant flowering is as there are a couple I have seen with barely a couple of feet of trunk and they are producing flower spikes! I had to wait for some years for mine to first flower but then both turned out to be female so I wonder if male flowering Trachycarpus start earlier in trunk size?

I also have Chamaedorea radicalis making flower spikes too for the first time for me which is nice. My two plants have been planted out for about 5 years now in a shady spot and were small plants when they went in.

Whilst not a palm of course another exotic hitting its peak flower period here is Cordyline australis which again is much planted. Its spikes of white, sweetly scented flowers are opening and filling the air.

Our next issue of chamaerops is at the printers and I hope to get them back this week. I had thought I might have them ready to mail this weekend but fingers crossed I get them to mail soon. When the printed version is ready we will sort out getting the electronic copy uploaded to the site. A good issue in store with some really great articles. Keep them coming though we always need more!!!

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