The Mules have arrived!!!

Posted: 11 Apr 2009

Back in November we had a great post on the forum by member Erik Brown from Mule Palm Nursery in the USA. Tempting pictures of the 'Mule Palm', that hybrid Xbutyagrus being a cross between Butia capitata and Syagrus romansoffianum.

In theory this should offer us a feathery looking palm from the male parent Syagrus with some of the hardiness of its Butia mother. With luck some hybrid vigour too to give us a reasonable growth speed in the often cooler northern summer climate.

EPS admin crew member John Prescott took up the challenge of compiling an order for seedling sprouts on behalf of many society members. Little did any of us fully realise the extent of the paperwork that would then be needed plus the work when the seedlings arrived in the UK to get them safely and speedily out of the clutches of the authorities!!

All that has now been done and John has been distributing our one leaf sprouts which in the case of mine at least are now potted in appropriately coir compost! Perhaps some palmbooster is in order too to try and help them settle into their new home?

I think a number of members across Europe took advantage of the opportunity to combine our orders thanks to John so it will be great to keep up on progress. I think this will be an interesting experiment to see how we all do with our seedlings across the many homes and conditions they will encounter across Europe. Anybody who has one or two of these please do keep me posted and I will update on the news pages as we go along!

Very exciting!!!

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