Spring has arrived!

Posted: 18 Apr 2009

It doesn't seem long ago I was posting about the damage to plants and the never ending winter cold. It sure has been one of our worst winters for ages and like many of you I have lost some plants that otherwise have been growing outside for a few years quite happily. A great shame because I know some will be very hard to replace.

I suspect too that some other plants that look like they will make a recovery may well start to go downhill as damage deep within them starts to be revealed.

What is amazing though is how some plants have shrugged off the effects of the winter and are coming into growth. I have emerging fronds on my Dicksonia antarctica and a Cyathea australis. The Cyathea was only planted last summer and after its first and hard winter I was afraid it was not going to come through.

On the palm front Brahea armata is growing away as is Butia capitata and even Jubaea! There are well developed flower pouches too on Trachycarpus wagnerianus, fortunei and for the first time for me on T. nanus. It will be exciting to see if it is going to be a male or female!

With some continued good weather I am sure the flowers on all the Trachycarpus will be out at their usual time for me of mid May. Amazing how no matter what the winter has been like nature catches up!

A big ray of sunshine too at the moment in the form of my Acacia pravissima which is in full, yellow, sweet scented bloom and looks amazing.

I hope your winter casualties have been light and that damaged plants make a full recovery. Guess when we do lose plants it gives us a little space to think of planting something new!!!

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