Is this the largest outdoor Phoenix on UK Mainland?

Posted: 7 Jun 2009

I had heard about this palm a few times as it has been growing outside in this spot for some years now, from when it was a juvenile plant in fact.

I believe at one time there were actually two side by side but one was removed. What is interesting is that the base of the plant is by an extractor duct that is blowing out warm air from an indoor swimming pool in the complex of flats where it grows. Perhaps that had a positive bearing on the ability of the palm to survive all these years.

On the way back from our May Kew trip, member Rob Small took me to see this amazing palm and said that since he had last seen it the amount of trunk growth it has added was incredible. It also looks no worse for wear after this past, hard winter that has set many outdoor Phoenix back.

The plant is making some flower spikes too which were just emerging from the top of the canopy.

I would love to record on the site any pictures you many have of this palm from years past, just to see how much it has grown. I think it would also be interesting to collect information and pictures of other big outdoor palms in less than favourable climates!! I think there are other Phoenix and Washingtonia around that may surprise us all in terms of their size and ability to grow in less than ideal climates.

There are some cracking Phoenix growing in Southern Ireland which made the cover of one of our past issues of Chamaerops that I know are even taller than the one in the pictures here.

Please do let me know! And if anyone knows the lucky lady in the picture for scale that would be nice too!!!

Phoenix in Fulham
Phoenix in Fulham

Closer View
Closer View

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