Meet at Akamba Nursery 26th September

Posted: 27 Sep 2009

For once we had a society meet where it didn't rain, in fact it was almost like a nice summers day!

A large number of members from the society and from the 3 UK based exotic plant forums all met at Akamba Nursery, just South of Birmingham.

I had never been but thanks to a lift (cheers Vic!), was able to join and meet old friends and meet new ones too. Never been to the nursery before which is unlike any other with a wide range of exotic plants mixed with African art and amazing metal animal sculptures, many life size!, which you could start collecting too!!

The usual mix of pre-arranged plant swaps between members took place with some really nice and unusual plants changing hands and finding new homes! Then some great things to buy in the nursery itself with a generous discount for members on the day thrown in.

Thanks to Kel and Mark and all at Akamba for making us, again, so welcome and for providing us all with a free drink and food during the stay.

We couldn't stay for the nights planned barbecue but I look forward to hearing great reports!!

Thanks to Darren (for donating) and John Prescott (for selling)some Trachycarpus takil seeds which raised 47 towards our EPS kitty!!!

Really great day all round!!!

One of amazing sculptures
One of amazing sculptures

Another view of Akamba
Another view of Akamba

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