EPS visit to Abbotsbury Garden

Posted: 3 Oct 2010

On the 25th September intrepid members headed to the South coast of the county of Dorset to visit an amazing garden.

Abbotsbury is truly a magnificent place, one of those gardens that has a unique atmosphere and presence and where the mild, damp, climate almost lets you sense the plants around you growing. Mount Stewart garden in Northern Ireland is another such special place.

It proved a good chance for people to catch up and talk plants and to enjoy the unique plantings in the garden. There is a mix of mature woodland which itself is rich in rare trees and shrubs plus more open and sunny areas where the 'spikeys' grow well.

The garden enjoys a mild climate and the shelter belt plantings help to filter and screen prevailing winds from the sea. Over recent years some exciting plants, especially palms have been planted and it was good to learn that despite the previous hard winter that hit the UK and much of Europe the plants seem to have made it through.

It is certainly a garden that is worth the effort to go and see, you can spend hours there exploring and finding plants.

It must also be one of few gardens to give stunning views of the 'Jurassic coast', you just have to climb a hill to get to the viewing point! Of course afterwards its downhill back to the garden itself which makes things a bit easier.

After the visit members were treated to a view of member Daniels amazing garden which is really something special. Thanks to Dan and Lisa for their hospitality!

All in all everyone who went agreed it was a great day out with nice autumnal sunshine to go with it.

Members enjoying exploring the garden
Members enjoying exploring the garden

Just a taster of the atmosphere in the garden
Just a taster of the atmosphere in the garden

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