A monumental achievement - Chamaerops archive online!

Posted: 8 Apr 2011

It has taken a huge amount of effort by a small number of people but thanks to them the full archive of the issues of our society journal 'Chamaerops' are now available on the site.

For the first time all the issues are now in pdf format so you can download and read them at your leisure.

On our old site we had all the issues arranged for viewing though not all had also been converted into a downloadable format. When we moved to this new site we were unable to bring majority of the archive with us so it has taken a lot to reconstruct it from the old files that had to be painstakingly saved in pieces!

Please enjoy browsing through the issues, there is a wealth of information contained between their covers.

Chamaerops will continue with new issues online, more news about that as soon as we have it.

Happy reading!


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