Severe weather arrives in Europe

Posted: 4 Feb 2012

In my area of the UK, in the London Suburbs, at least up till now winter had been a pretty mild affair. This was a relief compared to the severity of the previous two or three winters which saw the loss and damage to a number of plants. Some of which had been growing in the garden without a problem for over 10 years!

Now across Europe we are gripped in the spell of very severe cold which on news reports has even hit normally mild areas around the Mediterranean like Marseille in France and the Croatian coast. Forecast for the UK now is our first real significant snowfall on top of the harsh night frosts we have had this past week.

Hopefully everyone has managed to protect their most cherished plants as best they can. It would be good to still receive reports from you on the forum about how the weather is for you and how your plants are fairing.

By recording this information across as wide a number of members as possible we can help to refine our understanding of what plants might be able to tolerate and under what local circumstances as every garden is slightly different.

Cycas revoluta covered in snow, Rome Feb 2012
Cycas revoluta covered in snow, Rome Feb 2012

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