EPS Mobile site launched today

Posted: 17 Aug 2013

After a lot of work behind the scenes we have now created a mobile version of the site which we have been testing out and felt it was ready to make the first live release today.  It won't have all the full bells and whistles of the regular site and to make it work with the operating systems of mobile and tablet devices the layouts and the way some of the functionality has to work will always be different to the desktop site but I hope you like it!

The 'Personal Messages' have still to be sorted and added, our web designer is still trying to figure the best way to do it! We will also add what functionality we can as we go along.

I hope those of you with mobile devices will give it a go, it certainly fixes all the issues we have when trying to use the desktop version through a tablet or mobile device. I am hoping the functionality icons will be self explanatory on the mobile site, it has proved easy for even an technophobe like me to work my way around.

You can even upload pictures from the tablet straight to the mobile site but see comment below.

Apologies too if over the last week some of you had format/layout issues when viewing the site. I think this was because of code changes made and we hadn't realised that they caused the issues for some. I experienced it to but forced the web browser to refresh using 'CTRL' & 'F5' keys and that fixed it.  We have since changed our site so that it does refresh itself when you log in which I hope has cured the problem.

As many of you have seen and commented on we have been getting some uploaded pictures that don't appear the right way round on the site but seem ok on your tablet/camera. Having spent some time looking into this it appears to be an anomaly between how mobile/Apple/some cameras render pictures compared to desktops and browsers like Internet Explorer. I think it was a recent change to the Apple Operating System that has allowed pictures from those devices to be uploaded to our site.

I hope the glitch in the way the two formats works gets fixed but until then there does seem to be a work around.

What we have found is:-


  • A picture taken on a mobile device with the device held 'horizontal' uploads ok

  • A picture taken with the device held upright (guess the common way for things like palms!) you need to rotate the picture on your mobile device by 360º BEFORE you upload it to our site.

The link to our mobile site is below, so if you can do give it a go!


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