The European Palm Society Palm Database


Welcome to the EPS Palm and Exotic plant database.

This is an exciting long term project where we would like over time to gather submissions from members of their experiences of growing palms and other exotic plants. The idea is not to end up with a check list of all the palms of the world but to concentrate on those we are growing. The resource we create will be publicly accessible so we can share our experiences with as many people as possible.

It will be good to build a picture of how the plants perform across the varied climates and conditions we all garden under. Over time we should get a good reference for temperature ranges the plants are experiencing and what impact that has, tips for seed germination, soil preferences and importantly photographs of the plants. If we can build these reports from many members we get an excellent reference of data for each plant.

We propose to have entries for the various varieties that we tend to recognise as gardeners as we know these are often not recognised under any scientific naming convention. But by having such entries with pictures we can start to see if there are recognisable differences that merit the naming from a horticultural point of view.

Please use the suggestions form link to send us your submission. This can be to add a new species or variety entry or to add to an existing one. We will get back in touch with a means to send us any accompanying photographs if you have any. Pictures must be your own or come with the permission of the owner for us to re-use them on the site.

Please be patient once you have made your submission. It is likely to take us a few days to review, prepare and upload them. There are just a small number of us 'behind the scenes' and things could get busy at times.

I hope you will support this initiative and find it beneficial.

Are we missing something? Please use the suggestions form to let us know.