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Butia catarinensis

Genus: Butia
Species: catarinensis
Common Name: Southern jelly palm
Country Of Origin: Brazil
Possible height/width: Stem to 2 meters tall
Soil Preference: Sandy
Preferred Aspect: Full sun
Minimum Temp: -10c
Seed tips:

Similar to that of odorata

General comments:

Described in 2010 as separate species (was formally known as butia odorata)

Small butia palm from Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul states area of Brazil

Stem generally less than 2 m tall, covered by the old leaf bases. Arching leaves with a grey-green colour. The leaflets form one plane in each side of the rachis and the two planes form a V shape. Petioles with coarse fibrous spines. Smooth inflorescence sheath, widening towords the tip where it forms a short beak. Small female flowers just like that of odorata, that is 5-8 mm long. Fruits accorn shaped, seeds small and elliptical.

Butia catarinensis Butia catarinensis
catarinensis seeds catarinensis seeds

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