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Butia purpurascens

Genus: Butia
Species: purpurascens
Common Name: purple yatay palm
Country Of Origin: Brazil
Possible height/width: Stem to 4 meters tall
Soil Preference: It grows in the “cerrado” vegetation, the Brazilia
Preferred Aspect: full sun or partial shade
Minimum Temp: Unknown but likely similar in hardiness to yatay
Seed tips:

Difficult to sprout. If fresh, to store the seeds for one or two months and then to soak them in water for one week could help.         

General comments:

Green leaves with much arching. The main character of this species is the lack of the fibrous spines in the petiole margins. It is the only aerial trunked species with this character. Peduncolar bract smooth or slightly grooved. Bracts and flowers are purple. Fruits ovoid, purple, to 2.9 cm long and to 1.3 cm in diameter. It bears fruits moderately.     

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