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Howea forsteriana

Genus: Howea
Species: forsteriana
Common Name: Kentia palm
Country Of Origin: Australia
Soil Preference: Sandy, rich in organic matter
Preferred Aspect: Shade when young, tolerates sun as matures
Minimum Temp: -2C (based on experience in Med climate)
General comments:

Native to Lord Howe Island off the SE coast of Australia.

Experience in a Med climate has been:

"Good grower in the ground in 9b/10a. Takes 5-7 years to begin to trunk from a young potted palm. Likes sandy and organic rich soils with good water availability year round, takes a long time to establish in heavy clay soil. Tolerates drought well thanks to a deep root system.

This species takes a long time to acclimatise to full sun and burning occurs above 35C which can impact the plants appearance for a number of years.

Almost full defoliation has been observed at -3C though short lived cold spells can be withstood"

The plant makes a good houseplant and is very tolerant of low light, erratic watering and a wide range of indoor conditions.

Pictures from Konstantinos Giannopoulos


H forsteriana, Pyrgos, Greece H forsteriana, Pyrgos, Greece
H forsteriana, Pyrgos, Greece H forsteriana, Pyrgos, Greece

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