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Trachycarpus fortunei

Genus: Trachycarpus
Species: fortunei
Variety: winsan
Common Name: winsan
Country Of Origin: China
Possible height/width: 40-50ft Height 6-8ft Crown
Soil Preference: any
Preferred Aspect: any
Minimum Temp: -12c
Seed tips:

Fresh and mature winsan seeds are easy to germinate under 20-25C

General comments: T.fortunei winsan is just a variety of Trachycarpus. they are more likely to have round leaves with segments making a full round shape .They are growing much faster than T.fortunei, almost as fast as T.nova with all parts larger than those of T.fortunei , weirdly varying ridges on first strap leaf ranging from 2, 3,4 5 and 6 , as well as possibly with evenly split leaves on less than 2 years old seedlings .

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