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Trachycarpus wagnerianus

Genus: Trachycarpus
Species: wagnerianus
Common Name: Waggie
Country Of Origin: Japan
Possible height/width: 15m trunk height, crown 3m in diameter
Soil Preference: Rich, well-drained. Damp but not wet.
Preferred Aspect: Any. Grows faster in sun.
Minimum Temp: -15C with well-drained soil
Seed tips:

Clean seeds and soak in clean water for one day before sowing in a loose, damp, airy mix of compost, perlite, vermiculite or sphagnum moss.

Temperature range 20-25°C

Keep the medium moist but not wet, and allow oxygen to access the seed.

General comments:

Probably the best candidate for the temperate, continental or maritime climate garden. 

As hardy as Trachycarpus fortunei, and equally tolerant of various soil and light conditions, the leaves on wagnerianus are smaller and stiffer than fortunei, making it much more tolerant of winds. 

This palm is probably a natural variation of Trachycarpus fortunei, but most palm enthusiasts believe that it deserves species status in its own right.



Trachycarpus wagnerianus growing in Devon, UK Trachycarpus wagnerianus growing in Devon, UK

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